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A plurality of weighing sensor installation techniques


A plurality of weighing sensor installation techniques


We often use a weighing sensor, weighing sensor installation we are very clear, but it is limited to single weighing sensor installation, must introduce the corresponding combination weighing sensor installation here, because in practical applications often applied to many different kinds of weighing sensor and the weighing sensor.


Electronic weighing apparatus such as a high accuracy, rarely with a weighing sensor, there are always three or more than two sensors for sensing system is to maintain the stability of the scale body itself, on the other hand can increase the weight tonnage. In the electronic weighing apparatus is composed of a plurality of sensors, in addition to the reasonable selection of weighing sensor load and proper installation, attention should also be paid to the weighing sensor is fixed on both sides of the pillar and jack. Fixed pillar height should be slightly lower than the height of the sensor 3mm to 4mm for replacement or maintenance needed by sensor, Jack will scale up, iron pad again into the appropriate thickness on the fixed support, the support from the 4mm sensor and 5mm, as a temporary support on the other hand, when the overload balance body, play the role of protection sensor. In order to prevent the scale body due to the impact caused by the reasons such as the horizontal direction movement should according to the structure of the scale body with proper limiter. Limit device installation should not exert any force in the vertical direction, but it can counteract the effects of a variety of horizontal force on the scale. Weighing sensor must be installed in a horizontal plane, the load must be level, so as to prevent inclination caused by uneven distribution of load and damage the sensor.

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