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Weighing sensor working principle and mode of connection

Weighing sensor working principle and mode of connection


Weighing sensor and resistance strain sensor, belonging to the weighing sensor series, is a physical signal into a measurable electrical signal output device. With the development of the industry, it has been widely used in industrial measurement, we have the following the principle of work and the connection mode of weighing sensor is described.


(a) the principle of weighing sensor


Elastomers (elastic element, the sensitive beam) produce elastic deformation under the action of external force, the resistance strain chip pasted on the surface of he (element) with the deformation strain, deformation, its resistance will change (increase or decrease), then the corresponding measuring circuit to convert the the resistance change into electrical signals (voltage or current), thus completing the transformation process of the force.


(two) the weighing sensor connections


First, determine the power sensor interface on the display, the power is negative, positive feedback, negative feedback signal, signal, is negative, if the 6 wire sensors, measuring sensor resistance group were two line of minimum power is, positive feedback; negative feedback, power supply, to a display of the sensor load, voltage the other two line measurement value (MV) is connected with the display signal is connected with the display negative, negative signal; if it is four line value, need to monitor power and feedback is short, the power of negative feedback and short, with a multimeter measuring sensor four lines, of which the largest is the resistance value of the two the other two are power supply, signal.


According to the sensor area, can be judged by the color of our lead, Hefei CREE company is red to black power is negative, as power supply, signal is yellow, white as a negative signal.

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