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Three, loadometer weighing sensor


All kinds of weighing sensor working principle introduction


First, the definition of weighing sensor


Weighing sensor is a kind of force sensor used on electronic weighing instrument, the effect on the measured object gravity conversion according to a certain proportion to the output signal can be measured, in considering the place of use of the acceleration of gravity (g) and air force (f) effect, which is measured by a (quality) into another (output) are measured by the sensor to measure the quality of the force.


Two, the principle of the sensor resistance strain type weighing


Resistance strain type weighing sensor is based on such a principle: elastomers (elastic element, the sensitive beam) produce elastic deformation under the action of external force, the resistance strain chip pasted on the surface of he (element) with the deformation, strain deformation, its resistance will change (increase or decrease), the corresponding measurement circuit to convert the resistance change into electrical signals (voltage or current), thus completing the transformation process of the force. Thus, resistance strain gauge, the elastic body and the detection circuit is resistance strain type weighing sensor is indispensable. Elastomer is a structure with special shape. It has two functions, first it is subjected to external force by weighing sensor, counter the effects of external force, to achieve a relatively static balance; secondly, its strain field to produce a high quality (District), the resistance strain gauge pasted on the area of the conversion is complete, the task of jujube strain ideal.


Three, loadometer weighing sensor


There are four general loadometer weighing sensor, the four corners of a relatively large area, because loadometer. The working principle and its working principle is: the force transducer is composed of one or a plurality of elastic body can produce deformation in force after the induction, and the deformation resistance strain gauge is composed of bridge circuit (such as the Wheatstone bridge), and the resistance strain gauge pasted on the elastic body and the fixed to conduct strain adhesive and sealant to protect electronic circuit consists of three parts: sensor. Simply put, is the strain gauges pasted on the elastic body in, when the elastic deformation, deformation and strain gauge and resistance strain gauge, the value changes, in order to achieve the purpose of measuring.


Four, the principle of explosion proof weighing sensor


Explosion proof weighing sensor principle is through the shear strain beam power (force) of the non electric physical quantity that is converted to a voltage amplifier, with the low voltage amplification of high level signals to the need for long-distance transmission, improve the signal to noise ratio.

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