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The working principle of the torque sensor

The working principle of the torque sensor


Since the emergence of the torque sensor, in a short period of time has been used in various industries, become an integral part of the sensor in the family of varieties.

First, the working process

Provides a + 15V power to the sensor excitation circuit, crystal oscillator in 400Hz Fang Bo, the TDA2030 power amplifier is AC excitation power supply, through the energy from the primary coil toroidal transformer T1 static transfer to the rotation of the secondary coil of AC power, DC power supply of the 5V through the rectifier and filter circuit on the shaft. The power to do the work of the power amplifier AD822; precision DC power supply with high precision regulated power supply is composed of a reference power supply AD589 and AD822 + 4.5V Dual OP AMP, the power supply as a bridge, and as a power amplifier and V/F converter. When the elastic shaft torsional strain, mV strain bridge detection signal amplification into a strong signal of 1.5V + 1V by instrumentation amplifier AD620, and then through the V/F converter LM131 is converted into frequency signal, the signal from the primary coil rotating annular transformer T2 transfer to a secondary coil, and then through the signal processing circuit, filter plastic can be obtained and the sensor housing on the frequency of the signal to withstand the torque is proportional to the elastic axis, the signal to the TTL level, which can be provided to the special instrument two times or frequency meter display can also be sent directly to the computer processing. Because of the rotary transformer -- only a few tenths of mm gap between the stationary ring, coupled with the sensor shaft parts are sealed in the metal shell, the formation of effective shielding, so it has strong anti-interference ability.

Two, the scope of application

1 detection of generator, motor, internal combustion engine output torque and power of rotating machines.

2 detection of reducer, fan, pump, mixer, hoister, propeller, load torque and the input power of drilling machine and other equipment.

3 detection of a variety of machining center, the working process of the automatic machine of torque.

4.The torque and efficiency of 4 kinds of rotary power transfer system;

5 detection and can detect the speed torque, axial force.

6 can be used in the manufacture of viscometer, electric (pneumatic, hydraulic torque wrench).

Three, the principle of sensor structure


In a special elastic shaft torque special paste should be composed of variable and bridge, is the basis of torque sensor is fixed on the shaft:


(1) the energy of the secondary coil toroidal transformer


(2) the primary coil signal ring transformer


Printed circuit board (3) on the shaft, the circuit board contains rectifier power supply stability, instrumentation amplifier circuit, V/F conversion circuit and a signal output circuit.


Four, the measurement principle


Click to open the link will be dedicated to measuring torsional strain gauge pasted on the measured elastic shaft and the composition of strain bridge with plastic strain, providing power to the electrical signal can be measured by torsion elastic axial strain of bridge. The strain signals are amplified, after the voltage / frequency converter, a frequency signal and torsional stress is proportional to the. The energy input and output signal of the system is a special transformer is composed of two groups of band gap of bear, so the energy and signal transmission without contact.


Five, the characteristics of


1 not only can be used to measure the static torque, rotating torque can be measured;


2 not only can be used to measure the static torque, but also can measure the dynamic torque;


High precision detection of 3, good stability and strong anti-interference;


4 has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy to install and use a variety of installation structure;


5 does not need to be repeated zero can be continuously measured positive torque;


6 did not wear a conductive ring high speed, can run for a long time;


The 7 sensor output high frequency signal can be directly sent to the computer processing;


Overload 8 measuring elastic strength can bear 100%.

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