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Calibration and the calibration of the sensor

Calibration and the calibration of the sensor

New sensor development or production needs comprehensive verification of its technical performance, to ensure accurate transfer of value. After a period of storage, the use of sensors or after repair, must test again on the main technical performance, to ensure that the performance index can meet the requirements of. Usually, in the premise of a clear input output relationship, to calibrate the sensor using a standard instrument, called the calibration performance review; the sensor in the storage, use or repair after called calibration. Because the calibration with the same mass calibration, the calibration described here.

The basic method of calibration is known to be measured (i.e. standard quantity) input to the sensor to be calibrated, and the output of sensor; human value and the output value of the sensor for transmission processing and comparison, so as to obtain a series of characterization of calibration curve between the relationship, and the measured results of performance index of sensor.

Calibration system of sensor is usually composed of standard generator, test system, and the calibration of sensor connected with the signal conditioning and display recorder, etc..

Sensor calibration, the performance indexes of the sensor is determined according to the test data, which is actually determines the measurement accuracy of the sensor. So in the calibration of sensor, the measurement equipment (referred to as standard equipment) accuracy is usually better than the calibrated sensor with high accuracy by one order of magnitude (at least more than 1/3). So through the calibration of sensor performance index is reliable, the accuracy is credible.

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