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Digital sensor

Digital sensor
Detailed description

The digital module is used to simulate the sensor module into the traditional digital sensor. Mainly includes: amplifier, A/D converter, a microprocessor (MCU), memory, communication interface circuit etc..

The characteristics of digital sensor:

1 Advanced A/D technology and intelligent filtering algorithm.
2 weight value of output, convenient and intuitive.
3 good EMC performance, can meet the test requirements of bare block EMC.
The performance parameters of 4 sensors with digital error compensation technology and the high integration of electronic components, integrated compensation sensor linear, with software, rated output zero temperature drift, creep and other performance parameters, eliminating the influence of human factors on compensation, greatly improves the precision and reliability of integrated sensor.
The characteristic parameters of 5 sensors can be exactly the same, so it has good interchangeability.

6 using the digital signal transmission and digital filter circuit, A/D conversion, enhance the anti-interference ability of the sensor, the signal transmission distance up to 1000m, to improve the stability of the sensor.
7 sensor can automatically data acquisition and preprocessing, storage and memory, has a unique address for fault diagnosis.

8 sensor using standard digital communication interface, can be directly connected to the computer, and can also be a standard industrial control bus connection, convenient and flexible.
Technical parameters

Nonlinearity is less than or equal to 0.0015%

Nonlinear correction of nine nonlinear correction options

A/D conversion resolution code 800000

The A/D conversion rate of 10 times per second

RS485 interface protocol

The default baud rate is 9600 BPS

Data format data format is 10 bit (1 bit +8 data bits +1 start bit stop bit)
Stress value of 4 bit floating point format high byte first in the low byte
The signal transmission distance is less than or equal to 1000M
Correspondence address in the range of 00 ~ FF
Interface ESD protection 20KV
The power of DC 8V to 26V
The power consumption is 11mA (typical)
The temperature range of -20 to 60 DEG C