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What is the resistance strain sensor?

Resistance strain sensor is based on resistance strain gauge resistance type sensor element. Resistance strain sensor is composed of elastic sensitive element, resistance strain gauge, compensation resistor and an outer shell, according to the specific requirements of measurement design into a variety of structural forms. 

Resistance strain gauge sensor atlas elastic sensitive element by measuring force deformation, and attached to the strain on the strain gauge together. Then the deformation is converted to change the resistance value of the resistance strain gauge, which can measure the force, pressure, torque, displacement, acceleration and temperature and other physical quantities. 

Resistance strain sensor is a kind of used as elastic element by pasting strain in the elastic sensitive parts of the meter Wheatstone bridge with elastic metal body, and the external power supply excitation force measuring device can be converted to electrical signals. 

Resistance strain sensor is mainly composed of elastic, strain gauge, the electric circuit and compensation circuit, cable, adhesive and sealing material etc..